Which Taco Bell Item Are You?

Do you find it easy to make (and keep) many friends?
Do you rely on your senses when solving problems?
Is your room messy?
Do you find it easy to empathise with others?
Are you filled with nacho cheese?
Do you prefer "the big picture" over details?
Do you prefer to do things the established way?
Do you feel more energized when you're around others?
Do you have a scientific view of the world?
Are social situations stressful for you?
Do you like theories?
When you hurt someone else's feelings, is it usually easy for you to understand why?
Do you have a strong imagination?
Are you driven by your emotions?
Can I order you with shredded chicken instead of ground beef?
Are you okay with things being out of your control?
Do you find it easy to meet new people?
Would you consider yourself a dreamer?
Is logic more important to you than emotion?
Do friends refer to you as being "full of bold flavors"?
When faced with a problem, are you slow to take action?
Is your view of the world more concrete than abstract?
Do you speak more than you listen?
Do you like being wrapped in flatbread?
Do you sometimes get lost in your own inner world?
Does your corn shell have a crunch to it?
Are plans important to you?
Do you sometimes show up late to events?
Do you believe strongly in fairness?
Do friends refer to you as being "yummy"?
Is it easy for you to embrace new ideas?
Do you always make decisions based on your values?
Do you keep to-do lists?
Is it stressful for you when your life changes?
Do you like to be covered in Fire Sauce?
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