Volcano Taco

Talk about spicy! HOTHOTHOT!

Spicy, lord oh it's spicy.

I have somewhat of a weak spice tolerance, and I don't really understand the love for food hurting you. It would be like trying to argue that sex is better when it's painful. Although, I guess people are into that, so maybe you should start looking at your friends who like spicy food with a bit more caution.

Ooh it burns!

Other than its fire red shell, the lava sauce is really the only thing that makes this item so different from the regular Taco Supreme.

It's hot and my face is red.

The volcano sauce tastes a lot like their nacho cheese sauce, except it packs quite a punch. For me, this item was too spicy, so I prefer the plain taco. For someone with spice tolerance, this item should be an obvious replacement for the plain taco.

I need to drink some water.

Because of the special sauce, the taste of this taco (disregarding spice) is a little stronger than that of the plain taco, which is why I am able to feel confident in giving it an overall better score.


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