Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Supreme

It all starts with a fried tortilla shell, buffeted by a storm of glowing orange dust, filled with gobs of the brownest, juiciest beef anyone could get their hands on. If you haven't tried this thing yet, stop reading this and go do it.

No one had even thought that such a combination could be possible (or at least remembered it after their high wore off) until Taco Bell pulled a comeback out of what was frankly a little bit of a Sales Slump and created this masterpiece. It's cheese-flavored dynamite; economists even believe that it has helped turn the economy around by creating so many new jobs.

I swear that is not a joke; go ahead, Bing it™.

Your tongue might grow new taste buds just to taste this avalanche of flavor a little more. If you have two nostrils and are an American citizen, it is your duty to eat one of these suckers every gosh-darned day, and then maybe I might actually get a job when I graduate.

Let's be real, though: it has all the goodness of their classic taco, with a boost of that familiar Nacho Cheese Doritos flavor that we all love. This is only the beginning of a new wave of Taco Bell's fast food ingenuity.


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