Double Decker Taco Supreme

It's a hard job for Taco Bell to come up with so many variations on things that seem so simple. This little doozy right here (which is the Double Decker Taco Supreme) brings together the best of both worlds in the age old "Soft or Crunchy" debate. Now you know me, I like 'em firm, but that doesn't mean a gentle soft shell wrapping and a creamy layer of beans are going to turn me away.

The DDTS (Double Decker Taco Supreme) is a great choice if you want a taco but you're also kind of bored of tacos. Maybe "bored of tacos" is only an issue when you're sampling everything on Taco Bell's menu (I'm not bored of tacos! Haha can't wait to review the rest of the items on the Menu!!), but either way it's a great twist on the classic.


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