Crispy Potato Soft Taco

Did you know that you can live off of nothing but potatoes? That's a little sporty fun fact that my friend told me the day that I ate this cute little starch wrap.

Another fun fact is that people don't expect them to be in tacos, not at all. That's the biggest problem with the popularity of Taco Bell's potato based items; they're just too far off base for most people. But once you get comfortable with the idea, they're kind of cool. Kind of futuristic, and a little avant-garde. Just what our post-9/11 country needs.

It's essentially just a plain soft taco, with the addition of some crispy potatoes. The thing is that you would expect it to either be better or worse than a plain soft shell, but instead it's kind of neither. It adds its own flair for sure, but the potatoes aren't an explosive enough flavor or texture to sway the item one way or the other.


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