Triple Layer Nachos

What is it with our obsession with the rule of threes? The Triple Crown, The Holy Trinity, just to name a couple. It's a wild compulsion, but for some reason it just feels right. And in this item's case, it tastes right too. When I first got these, I turned to my friend, Alec, and said,

"Feast your eyes on these pupperoos, Alec. A plate of nachos for only $1", to which he replied,

"Ha. Yeah, they look like they'd cost about a dollar"

Well guess what, Alec? Yeah, they did cost a dollar. I just told you that. Are you expecting me to be able to spend $1 and in return receive something that costs more than $1? That's not how things work. It's a dog eat dog world out there, Alec, and you and me, we're just a couple of dogs.

What I'm trying to get at here is that these are some pretty solid 'chos for how little they cost. The cheese, beans, and red tangy sauce blend to create a savory goo that dances its way through your lips, exciting the senses as it does so, all the while ensuring that your palate feels safe, comfortable, and satisfied. Nothing's too over-powering, and the nachos seem almost resistant to getting soggy. They're the perfect option for a hearty side dish, or even a something for the whole table to enjoy (except for Alec).


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