Just in case you don't know what this is (you probably don't, it is indie), it's a soft tortilla filled with beef, three cheese blend, and pico de gallo. Imagine a soft shell taco but with a little bit of added zest and sizzle from the cilantro and onions in the pico de gallo.

Call me crazy but I swear the texture was a slightly fluffier than a normal soft shell, which could have been from the different cheese blend being melted instead of served cold like usual. It's a nice substitute to the classic soft shell and it's different enough that, unlike the soft shell taco, I actually enjoy it (zing).It's enough to pull me out of the mexican food oblivion I've fallen into.

I would have liked a little bit more crunch, but that's just my bias. My objectively correct bias. This is indisputably a five point three.


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