Mexican Pizza



This Taco Bell classic is yet another example of their superb ability to design foods in innovative, delicious, and effective ways. Let me lay this out for you: it's a stack consisting of refried beans, meat, pizza sauce, cheese, and tomato, all spread out across two open-face crunchy shells. I only wish it had eyes I could stare into, so I could maybe feel some sort of a connection with something again.

The combination of classic taco features with pizza sauce sounds strange at first, but I promise you it's worth a try. The textures of everything work perfectly together in a beautiful ethnic dance. The flavors of the refried beans and meat accented with pizza sauce and cheese create this wild, never-before-tasted cruise of the mouth and soul.

Oh, and you eat it slice by slice just like a pizza, so it's quite an experience.

I really do love it.


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