Talk about different; no one knows what these things are. Turns out they're just Taco Bell's wild twist on the enchilada, and they're actually incredibly underrated. There are only two things keeping me, and everyone else, from ordering these babies more often:

1. They're not very portable

2. Onions.

This one of the few items on the menu that features onions, and oh does it feature onions. Hours after the fact, you will still be getting occasional reminders that you dined on them earlier. I feel like at some point my body was at least 6% onion.

However, that doesn't change the fact that this menu item will both provide a unique twist for your mouth, as well as make all your friends appreciate your knowledge of Taco Bell underground items. Tell them hey I like the enchirito have you heard of it? That will show them.

My friends never let me talk about taco bell


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