Crunchwrap Supreme

There was a period of time where I was working on an out of town musical (I call these "The Glory Days") and I would have to drive home late at night after skipping dinner. This long drive was almost always accompanied by a trustworthy crunch wrap supreme that I would pick up at the Taco Bell along the way and just drive, suffocating my tears with that crunchwrap, hand on the wheel, daring myself to just close my eyes for a few seconds just to see what would happen, if I could finally be free.

They're super filling and incredibly easy to eat while on the run. Perfect combination of texture and flavor. Very good! The only thing I could see doing to improve this item would either be making the hard shell a Doritos Locos, or making the soft shell a flatbread.

I need to go dunk my head in some water.


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