Cheese Roll-Up

I can't be the first one in saying that this item brought me to an unexpected state of what we will simply refer to as "arousal". It's just such an alluring, inviting, and comfortable item/snack, and I'm honestly getting a little bit emotional just thinking about it.

It's a soft, silky smooth, and playful tortilla shell rolled up with warm cheese deep inside. It couldn't be more surprising. It's better than the quesadilla hands down, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a light side or a cheap cheesy snack. I've never felt closer to anything else before.

No words could do justice to the feelings that this beautiful thing makes me feel, but if you try to pronounce the "O" from "woman", the "A" from "trap", the "NG" from "sing", and the "M" from "malacophonous" at the same time, it comes close to a worthy adjective.

Go ahead.

Try it.


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