Combo Burrito

The combo burrito. Sounds like a good deal in my book. I've had a lot of Taco Bell menu items in my past but this one seemed to have somehow slipped through the cracks. I was excited on the way to taco bell. I'm usually a quesadilla-crunchwrap man but for the sake of the review, I won't discuss those items.

I ordered the combo burrito. My excitement was at full level midnight. While walking to receive my order, I grabbed three verde salsas and one mild; none of these to be used on the combo burrito. I sat down, and opened the wrapper. Wet. The outside of the burrito itself was not wet, however, with the beans, meat and cheese on the inside, it did remind me of holding a water balloon. I knew soon it would burst. And I was ready.

My first bite was delicious. I like Taco Bell, and this was a pretty regular menu item. Tasted like I was at Taco Bell.

Blind fold me... I'm at Taco Bell.

Take out my eyes... I still taste Taco Bell.

But soon after about 4 bites, the burrito started to fall apart. The wetness of the inside had taken over and spilled out of the flour tortilla. The taste was consistent throughout, but the texture through me off a bit. The beans were good and the meat was good. Also a hint of white onion would occasionally burst through my teeth to my taste buds, and then down to my stomach. I'd order it again, but I might need a fork and or spoon for the next time.


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