Cinnabon Delights

Alright, I get it, okay? I've eaten everything on the T-Bell menu; I'm a disgusting piece of garbage. But if there's any time for me to ask you to pass your judgment, it's right now.

I'm just going to say it: "I LOVE THESE THINGS TO BITS." - Ben.

I love how their sugary grease drips down my fingertips and across my palms. I love how they pop when my chompers puncture their firm, doughy skin. I love how my friends look at me in disgust and embarrassment as I thrust nugget after nugget past my tender lips in desperation that their cinnamon goodness will finally bring that sweet, sweet relief that I crave. These Cinnabon Delights are worth more than their friendship, to be honest.

I'm asking you, as a writer, as a critic, and as a person who cares, to overdrive your instinct and plop one of these fat suckers in your mouth.



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