Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito

If you're like 5% of Americans, then you're a vegetarian. Otherwise, you're like 95% of Americans, and you probably aren't too interested in losing weight, living longer, reducing world hunger, saving money, protecting the environment, and ending animal cruelty.

Just kidding, I'm not even a vegetarian, so I don't get to talk like I'm all better than you like that. Sometimes I wish I were a vegetarian though. I dream about it every night. It's like normal life but everything is more wispy and blurry. The dreams are, I mean. That's what dreams are like. Instead, I'm just this disgusting human taco dumpster that can't even conjure up enough will power to not eat something.

But really, if you actually are a vegetarian, then this item is your saving grace. A cheap, filling, meat free option that might just provide enough protein for you to finally be able to lift up your arms. Now people will finally stop laughing. There's a light at the end of this tunnel after all.

It's pretty mushy, to tell you the truth, but it makes up for that plenty in its strong flavors. The creamy jalapeno sauce really makes this dish something that even an animal murderer such as myself can enjoy.


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