Black Bean Burrito

Normally, if a past experience has lead me to believe that a certain food should have meat, and then I try a vegetarian version, I hate it with all of my being. It ruins my day.

However! The Black Bean Burrito really pulled through on this one. This was an item that I was hesitant to try because I have never enjoyed a black bean burrito before. Maybe it's the special "red sauce", maybe it's the bangin' alliteration in the name, but something about it was actually enjoyable.

If, for some stupid reason, you don't eat meat, or if you still believe the lies about Taco Bell's meat despite their public proof, this is the item for you. It's simple, clean, minimalist, and leaves nothing to be desired.

(Disclaimer: Vegetarianism is an incredibly impressive lifestyle and I think they get too much flack. I wish I had the willpower to be a vegetarian.)


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