Bean Burrito

Unlike its Black Bean Burrito step-dad, this little thing is a disappointment and it should be ashamed. As you may have learned, I liked the Black Bean Burrito, and it really opened my little mind to a whole new psychedelic world of bean based items. Because of that wonderful experience, I was eager to try this thing.

I grabbed it in an enthusiastic manner, delighted to continue my revelation to the world that is vegetarianism. My canines punctured the underbelly of the flour tortilla, dove through its shredded cheese and refried bean entrails, and clanked together again in its midsection; I had far overestimated the jaw power it would take to chomp this sucker.

If you're looking for no meat, go with the black bean burrito, or maybe try an XXL Stuft Burrito and slap yourself out of your stupid diet coma. (Again, just kidding, vegetarianism is A-ok with me. I just threw that in as a media pleaser. I am so crazy.)


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