Waffle Taco Sausage

Before I tried this item, I did a lot of reading up on some other, less professional, and overall kind of dumb food reviewers' opinions who aren't Ben. The general consensus seemed to be, "It’s definitely worth trying it for the novelty, but after that, it's not too great."

I have to agree that most of the enjoyment comes from the realization that there are literally people out there whose lives just ended because they couldn’t get enough food inside of them, and I'm just some white, male, upper-class, heterosexual, neurotypical, right-handed, cisgender, optimally sized and proportioned, properly educated American chilling out and eating a "waffle taco".

Just kind of a fun thought you know? I love that.

However, I think there is some amicability of the item outside of that novelty. The quality of their eggs is, in my opinion, better than any other fast food breakfast, and the sweet/salty flavor combination is pretty incredible.

I think if they improved the texture of the waffle to be a little fluffier, then this item could really take off as the new McGriddle.


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