Sausage Flatbread Melt

If you've read my Cheesy Gordita Crunch review, then you know how I feel about fllaaaatttbbreeaaddd. If you haven't, just close your eyes for a second and imagine a rotund, yet sturdy man holding out a thick slice of flatbread. He's been shaven from head to toe. Exactly why, you're not sure, but you don't really care. Or at least, you stopped caring as soon as you locked into sacrificial gaze. Beneath his bread bearing arm, which has been extended quite firmly, I appear, cooing gently in desperation for even the slightest morsel of flatbread. The coos grow stronger as the large man's fertile fist refuses to indulge. Finally, the desire becomes overwhelming as I leap upwards, devouring the flatbread as well as the man. It's over now. It's finally over.

I like flatbread basically, and this dish is no exception. It acts as a gentle papoose which cradles the sausage and cheese, and I just can't stop sinking my teeth into it!


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