A.M. Crunchwrap

When it comes to layers of hash browns, eggs, cheese, and meat wrapped up in a grilled flour tortilla for texture and portability, this thing takes the cake. There are three things that make the A.M. Crunchwrap absolutely brilliant:

1. It uses a similar Crunchwrap format that customers already love quite a bit

2. It combines all of the classic breakfast features into one cute little pouch

3. It's portable as could be.

Honestly, I would see little challenge in driving on the freeway while simultaneously, unbuckling my seatbelt for comfort, lifting my left leg up onto the dash, and filling my mouth with A.M. Crunchwrap; the risk makes it taste better I swear.

This item is clearly the best breakfast choice that The Bell has to offer. Definitely worth waking up before 11 am for.


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