Ben Barteau

Ben Barteau

Ben Barteau is not Taco Ben. Taco Ben is merely an ongoing think-piece created by Ben Barteau. In this sense, Taco Ben is Ben Barteau’s son. At the same time, Ben Barteau often wears this iconic shell over his dull chassis of a spirt in order to transcend existence and bring to life he who is Taco Ben. In this sense, Taco Ben and Ben Barteau are one in the same. Father and Son. Divine Concurrence. 100% Character. 100% Human. 200% Existence. We hope you understand our message, and We would now like to share a few facts about ourself:

1. We own 8 pairs of shoes. One of those pairs is only worn by Taco Ben, and another pair is only worn to go for a jog.

2. Sometimes we don’t set alarms, even when waking up on time is of upmost importance. It’s important to exercise your Circadian Rhythm.

3. One of us thinks hats are unnecessary and only worn by people who are cheap and desperate. The other is largely indifferent. We won’t tell who.

Carter Scott Davis

Carter Scott Davis

Well if you're really wondering, Carter Davis is a fun loving lad by all accounts. He is a strong believer in teamwork and the value of friendship. He can somersault, but he cannot cartwheel. He is not an Ed Sheeran fan. He is able to choose good ingredients for a stir-fry.

Along with tippity tip tap typing up all of this computer internet website, Carter Davis edited all of the articles you read on here and added in jokes in order to fix in some part the mess his friend Ben Barteau created, because Ben himself is also a human mess.

Besides Taco Bell Review-related websites, Carter Davis totally makes other things too. He draws, runs a magazine, makes very high-quality music, collects amazing facts you won't believe, and is attempting to achieve maximum booklearning at the University of Iowa. Send him an email if you want! Only if you want to.

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